The Earth is the only thing we have in common

UptoEarth offers innovative solutions for protecting the Earth from Climate Change, developing accessible services for all.

About Us

UptoEarth GmbH is a company founded in April 2019 with the mission of protecting the Earth from Climate Change by offering innovative solutions and services involving agricolture and satellite images.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experts of various domains located both in Germany and Italy.
We all have different backgrounds and experiences (from Space Systems Engineering to International Relations, to Earth Observation, to Agriculture Market) and we all found a common ground in agriculture, which for us represent the best chance of saving our planet.


Filippo Iodice

PhD in deep neural network for remote Earth Observation. Winner of the Italian AgraDemy 2017 Award for a thesis on crops monitoring methods based on satellite data.


Giulio Monaldi

Expert of agriculture monitoring with experience in remote sensing, environmental control and information technology


Federica D’Acunto

Expert in International Relations, Human Resources Management and Social Media Communication


Matteo Perrotta

Space engineer with a MIT professional certificate in Architecture and Systems Engineering of Complex Systems


UptoEarth approach is completely new in fighting climate change


We bring a new technology based on a combination of satellite images and other innovative solutions.


Our services are not just tailored to a region or a country but are applicable worldwide.


Our system is reliable since it is based on secure automatic processing and it is highly dynamic.


We develop a service for lowering carbon emissions and make profit from it.

Soil carbon sequestration in agricultural systems

Carbon crediting has the potential to incentivise optimal nitrogen fertiliser usage on farms. This helps to avoid negative environmental consequences like climate change, and also to supplement farmer revenues. Through the combination of satellites with blockchain technology, farmers in the carbon market will be able to use our solution to generate a credit for each unit of nitrous oxide emissions avoided by a change in nutrient application practices.

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