The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Simulator is one of the Erasmus+ FARMBOX (“The farmer’s toolbox for climate change mitigation”) project’ main result and soon it will be launched by the Consortium.

UptoEarth is the leading Partner responsible for designing this training and learning tool in a flexible and user-friendly way that will improve trainers and learners’ confidence with agritech, as well as will provide learners and farmers with a forecasting and management tool to experience project-based learning.

The online Simulator is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) embedded in a web portal and applying a workflow based on algorithms.  It offers simulation-based education through alternative scenarios on farmland managing, by describing current management practices and alternative future management scenarios

The CSA Simulator provides simplified and immediate use of “forecast” indications related to the progress of the Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Soil Inorganic Carbon (SIC) according to the agricultural practices adopted and attributable to the Climate Smart Agriculture approach.


Find out more information and updates of the CSA Simulator on the project website

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