GREEN NEWS: Farmbox Project Event selected for EU Green Week 2023


Our event of Farmbox Project has been selected as part of the official agenda of EU Green Week 2023 (3-11 June) !

The farming sector is facing new challenges due to climate change, and the FarmBox project is working to address this issue by improving Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) skills for students and farmers. As part of its Sustainability Plan, and in the framework of the EU Green Week 2023 (3-11 June 2023), FarmBox project will host an online event. 

The event “Innovative technologies to accompany skills for the green transition: FarmBox project,” will be hosted by Uptoearth’s Metaverse. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the relevance of CSA skills for the green transition and how the project’s results, including a MOOC and an Online Simulator, can contribute to training farmers and students.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the role of disruptive technologies in this context and explore the company’s Metaverse.

The event is part of the annual opportunity to raise awareness, promote, and discuss European environmental policy during the EU Green Week, which will be focused on skills for sustainable, resilient, and socially fair communities in celebration of the European Year of Skills.

Stay tuned for the detailed agenda and instructions on how to connect!

Consult the full list of Partners events here:

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CORE flies to Bruxelles


Last week, the groundbreaking C.O.R.E – Carbon Organic Resilient Ethereal project was introduced to esteemed representatives from the Directorate General for Agriculture (DG Agri), Directorate General for Climate Action (DG Clima), and Directorate General for Environment (DG Env). This marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards creating innovative solutions at the intersection of carbon sequestration, organic farming, resilience, and sustainability.

During two dedicated sessions, the project team had the invaluable opportunity to present the ESA Kick-Start project in detail. The representatives from the European Commission were eager to delve into the project’s scope, methodology, and the potential applications it holds for addressing pressing environmental challenges.

The engagement with DG Agri, DG Clima, and DG Env proved to be highly constructive, with the representatives providing essential feedback and insights. As a result, the project team is now in the process of compiling a comprehensive technical document that will offer a deeper understanding of the CORE Model. This document will delve into the intricate details, methodologies, and potential implementation strategies, further solidifying the project’s credibility and value.

Uptoearth GmbH @ the GNMG ’23

On March 30, 2023 Uptoearth GmbH participated at the Global Navigation meets Geoinformation conference 2023 (GNMG 23) and at the Space Business Bootcamp organised by CESAH.

This was a unique occasion to discover the latest space technologies and applications, network with business representatives from various sectors, and get to know many terrific hessian space start-ups.

During this occasion, we had the opportunity of presenting our FarmBox Project and engaging with participants in a discussion about the contribution of earth observation to improve the resilience of farmers to climate change. Participants agreed that earth observation technology provides valuable data and information to help farmers make informed decisions about planting and harvesting crops, managing pests and diseases, and using water and fertilizer efficiently. Satellite imagery and other earth observation technologies can also help farmers monitor the impacts of climate change, such as droughts and floods, and take proactive measures to adapt to these challenges.

But the highlight of the day was when participants entered the Metaverse and explored the FarmBox’s MOOC and Simulator. We were amazed by their reactions and are thrilled to be at the forefront of innovative solutions for Climate Smart Agriculture.

The FarmBox Project was praised for its role in promoting skills acquisition and preparation in this framework and the event highlighted the importance of earth observation technology in improving the resilience of farmers to climate change, and the FarmBox Project is making significant contributions in this area.