On June 9th, during EU GREEN WEEK 2023 almost 30 enthusiastic participants came together to delve into the pressing topic of climate change’s impact on agriculture. It has been a great pleasure for UpToEarth to take part with Innovative technologies to accompany skills for the green transition: FarmBox project as a partner event of the Green Week initiatives bringing Farmbox to celebrate and being involved as part of 2023 as European Year of Skills.

Our distinguished speakers shed light on the urgency for action, emphasizing how the FarmBox Project can play a pivotal role in cultivating Climate Smart Agriculture skills for a greener transition in the agricultural sector.

The green transition necessitates both technical competencies associated with sustainable thinking and behavior: a workforce equipped with the right skill set not only contributes to sustainable growth but also fuels innovation and enhances companies’ competitiveness. Furthermore, this ensures that everyone is included and that the economic recovery, as well as the green and digital transformations, are characterized by social fairness and equity.  

In this context, the Erasmus+ FarmBox project is aimed at improving the development of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) skills for students and farmers. In this journey, the integration of technology unveiled to be crucial to support the development of new skills. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our incredible guest speakers : Paolo Tarolli (University of Padova) Francesco Marinello ( Unversity of Padova) and Miren Arrien Aguirre (Politeknika Txorierri) for sharing their knowledge and bringing the spotlight on urgent topics such as climate mitigation and adaptation,Relevance of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Skills, and The impact of climate change on agriculture.

🙌 A special thanks goes out to all the participants who embraced this unique challenge of exploring the event in the UPTOEARTH ITALIA SRL Metaverse. We hope you enjoyed this immersive experience and had a great time!

🌱 Let’s continue our journey towards sustainability and foster a greener future together.🌱