On September 12 at 10 AM EAT, Uptoearth GmbH and agriBora UG, as part of the SMACK project, are set to host an online collaborative meeting with key stakeholders in the Kenyan carbon farming market to conduct a comprehensive market analysis.

SMACK, a six-month project backed by Eureka Innowide, is focused on exploring the market viability of UTE’s carbon farming rating services in Kenya. The initiative is carried out in partnership with agriBora UG, our local counterpart.

Following a thorough desk analysis of the Kenyan market, the two organizations are now gearing up to engage directly with farmers’ associations, local groups, communities, and carbon credits brokers. Their objective is to gain insights into the specific needs and gaps within the market and to ascertain how UTE’s services can provide support.

During this event, UTE will also unveil the initial findings from its rating activities on various agricultural soils in Kenya.

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