SMACK Project: Uptoearth and Agribora to Analyze Kenyan Carbon Farming Market

On September 12 at 10 AM EAT, Uptoearth GmbH and agriBora UG, as part of the SMACK project, are set to host an online collaborative meeting with key stakeholders in the Kenyan carbon farming market to conduct a comprehensive market analysis.

SMACK, a six-month project backed by Eureka Innowide, is focused on exploring the market viability of UTE’s carbon farming rating services in Kenya. The initiative is carried out in partnership with agriBora UG, our local counterpart.

Following a thorough desk analysis of the Kenyan market, the two organizations are now gearing up to engage directly with farmers’ associations, local groups, communities, and carbon credits brokers. Their objective is to gain insights into the specific needs and gaps within the market and to ascertain how UTE’s services can provide support.

During this event, UTE will also unveil the initial findings from its rating activities on various agricultural soils in Kenya.


On June 9th, during EU GREEN WEEK 2023 almost 30 enthusiastic participants came together to delve into the pressing topic of climate change’s impact on agriculture. It has been a great pleasure for UpToEarth to take part with Innovative technologies to accompany skills for the green transition: FarmBox project as a partner event of the Green Week initiatives bringing Farmbox to celebrate and being involved as part of 2023 as European Year of Skills.

Our distinguished speakers shed light on the urgency for action, emphasizing how the FarmBox Project can play a pivotal role in cultivating Climate Smart Agriculture skills for a greener transition in the agricultural sector.

The green transition necessitates both technical competencies associated with sustainable thinking and behavior: a workforce equipped with the right skill set not only contributes to sustainable growth but also fuels innovation and enhances companies’ competitiveness. Furthermore, this ensures that everyone is included and that the economic recovery, as well as the green and digital transformations, are characterized by social fairness and equity.  

In this context, the Erasmus+ FarmBox project is aimed at improving the development of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) skills for students and farmers. In this journey, the integration of technology unveiled to be crucial to support the development of new skills. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our incredible guest speakers : Paolo Tarolli (University of Padova) Francesco Marinello ( Unversity of Padova) and Miren Arrien Aguirre (Politeknika Txorierri) for sharing their knowledge and bringing the spotlight on urgent topics such as climate mitigation and adaptation,Relevance of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Skills, and The impact of climate change on agriculture.

🙌 A special thanks goes out to all the participants who embraced this unique challenge of exploring the event in the UPTOEARTH ITALIA SRL Metaverse. We hope you enjoyed this immersive experience and had a great time!

🌱 Let’s continue our journey towards sustainability and foster a greener future together.🌱


SMACK project (Satellite Monitoring of soil organic Carbon in Kenya),officially kicked off! In collaboration with agriBORA, the project has been selected to receive the Eureka Network Innowwide funding .

SMACK aims to map and score agricultural lands in Kenya based on their capacity to store soil organic carbon through a dynamic and accurate satellite-based methodology.

This project has huge implications for carbon farming and sequestration efforts in Kenya and beyond.

Let us introduce you to some more details about SMACK:
The project main purpose is mapping the global soil carbon potential to simulate future scenarios describing the real value of agricultural land. The target of the project is agricultural lands in Central Africa, particularly in Kenya.

In contrast to traditional monitoring maps, SMACK mapping methodology for carbon projects in
agricultural areas considers three key data: the “HIDDEN” Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) represents the past of the soil; the Organic Carbon represents the present, which is defined as occurring between 5 years before and 5 years after the project’s beginning; the Resilient Carbon represents the carbon simulated in the future, from 5 years after the beginning of the project.

We decided to develop and market SMACK because we believe that the carbon market needs a different accounting model than the one currently in place. Both those who decide to invest in carbon projects and farmers who want to engage in voluntary/non-voluntary carbon markets need to transparently identify the potential of their land and monitor their carbon storage status. We should not think that users need a methodology to satisfy their markets, but we need to create a methodology that satisfies users and creates real added value for them and the environment.

By providing customers with a single figure for estimating the amount of total organic carbon in the soil and the quality of the soil under consideration, both a current carbon estimate and a potential carbon gain for the future are quickly possible. This provides a time perspective of the soil, taking into account the present, the past and the future.

🎉🌾 We’re excited to see the impact the project will have on the agricultural industry and the environment as a whole. 🌾🎉


Image source: Eureka website

GREEN NEWS: Farmbox Project Event selected for EU Green Week 2023


Our event of Farmbox Project has been selected as part of the official agenda of EU Green Week 2023 (3-11 June) !

The farming sector is facing new challenges due to climate change, and the FarmBox project is working to address this issue by improving Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) skills for students and farmers. As part of its Sustainability Plan, and in the framework of the EU Green Week 2023 (3-11 June 2023), FarmBox project will host an online event. 

The event “Innovative technologies to accompany skills for the green transition: FarmBox project,” will be hosted by Uptoearth’s Metaverse. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the relevance of CSA skills for the green transition and how the project’s results, including a MOOC and an Online Simulator, can contribute to training farmers and students.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the role of disruptive technologies in this context and explore the company’s Metaverse.

The event is part of the annual opportunity to raise awareness, promote, and discuss European environmental policy during the EU Green Week, which will be focused on skills for sustainable, resilient, and socially fair communities in celebration of the European Year of Skills.

Stay tuned for the detailed agenda and instructions on how to connect!

Consult the full list of Partners events here:

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CORE flies to Bruxelles


Last week, the groundbreaking C.O.R.E – Carbon Organic Resilient Ethereal project was introduced to esteemed representatives from the Directorate General for Agriculture (DG Agri), Directorate General for Climate Action (DG Clima), and Directorate General for Environment (DG Env). This marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards creating innovative solutions at the intersection of carbon sequestration, organic farming, resilience, and sustainability.

During two dedicated sessions, the project team had the invaluable opportunity to present the ESA Kick-Start project in detail. The representatives from the European Commission were eager to delve into the project’s scope, methodology, and the potential applications it holds for addressing pressing environmental challenges.

The engagement with DG Agri, DG Clima, and DG Env proved to be highly constructive, with the representatives providing essential feedback and insights. As a result, the project team is now in the process of compiling a comprehensive technical document that will offer a deeper understanding of the CORE Model. This document will delve into the intricate details, methodologies, and potential implementation strategies, further solidifying the project’s credibility and value.

Uptoearth GmbH @ the GNMG ’23

On March 30, 2023 Uptoearth GmbH participated at the Global Navigation meets Geoinformation conference 2023 (GNMG 23) and at the Space Business Bootcamp organised by CESAH.

This was a unique occasion to discover the latest space technologies and applications, network with business representatives from various sectors, and get to know many terrific hessian space start-ups.

During this occasion, we had the opportunity of presenting our FarmBox Project and engaging with participants in a discussion about the contribution of earth observation to improve the resilience of farmers to climate change. Participants agreed that earth observation technology provides valuable data and information to help farmers make informed decisions about planting and harvesting crops, managing pests and diseases, and using water and fertilizer efficiently. Satellite imagery and other earth observation technologies can also help farmers monitor the impacts of climate change, such as droughts and floods, and take proactive measures to adapt to these challenges.

But the highlight of the day was when participants entered the Metaverse and explored the FarmBox’s MOOC and Simulator. We were amazed by their reactions and are thrilled to be at the forefront of innovative solutions for Climate Smart Agriculture.

The FarmBox Project was praised for its role in promoting skills acquisition and preparation in this framework and the event highlighted the importance of earth observation technology in improving the resilience of farmers to climate change, and the FarmBox Project is making significant contributions in this area.

The new C.O.R.E. project has kicked-off!

“Carbon Organic Resilient Ethereal – CORE” is an ESA kick-Start funded project and it has officially started on October the 7th, 2022. 

During the Kick-off meeting, the ESA and UptoEarth representatives, had the chance to discuss about the main structure of the Kick-Start program, with its goals, the required documentation and set deadlines. Moreover, different typologies of projects funded by ESA were introduced, to start planning future steps for the project sustainability, after its lifetime. 

C.O.R.E. main purpose is to create a SCENARIO (Soil Carbon protEctioN And RestoratIOn) Index mapping the global soil carbon potential and able to simulate future scenarios describing the real value of agricultural land.

Based on the algorithms developed in recent years and on the FARMBOX Simulator, an innovative and accurate methodology using satellite data to define the true four-year carbon value of agricultural land, will be developed and applied.

Basically, the entire C.O.R.E. project will map a range of information in agricultural production on local and global trends. In contrast to traditional monitoring maps, C.O.R.E. mapping methodology for carbon projects in agricultural areas considers three key data:  

  • the “HIDDEN” Soil Organic Carbon represents the past of the soil;   
  • the Organic Carbon represents the present, which is defined as occurring between 5 years before and 5 years after the project’s beginning;   
  • the Resilient Carbon represents the carbon simulated in the future, from 5 years after the beginning of the project.  

The SCENARIO index clarifies, identifies and evaluates the property and value of soil carbon in agricultural land through a scale of values ranging from 0 to 100, where soils with intermediate values have good carbon base and strong growth potential, and represent therefore a good opportunity for the carbon market. The index will be used by companies working in food processing, crop protection, seed production and agricultural equipment, as well as carbon platforms, trading companies, financial institutions and researchers.

Through the continuous improvement of our proprietary machine learning algorithms since 2018, we create cutting-edge datasets that help companies make more accurate data-driven decisions.

By providing customers with a single figure to estimate the amount of total soil organic carbon that has been lost, it allows both a possible present estimate of carbon and a potential carbon gain for the future. This method offers a timeline-based perspective of the soil while analysing the present, past, and future.

Climate Smart Agricultural Simulator

The Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Simulator is one of the Erasmus+ FARMBOX (“The farmer’s toolbox for climate change mitigation”) project’ main result and soon it will be launched by the Consortium.

UptoEarth is the leading Partner responsible for designing this training and learning tool in a flexible and user-friendly way that will improve trainers and learners’ confidence with agritech, as well as will provide learners and farmers with a forecasting and management tool to experience project-based learning.

The online Simulator is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) embedded in a web portal and applying a workflow based on algorithms.  It offers simulation-based education through alternative scenarios on farmland managing, by describing current management practices and alternative future management scenarios

The CSA Simulator provides simplified and immediate use of “forecast” indications related to the progress of the Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Soil Inorganic Carbon (SIC) according to the agricultural practices adopted and attributable to the Climate Smart Agriculture approach.


Find out more information and updates of the CSA Simulator on the project website