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CO2 Land Viewer

Mapping carbon sequestration in agricultural soil.

The CO2 Land Viewer allows the graphical and analytical analysis of soil ability to sequestrate Carbon Dioxide.
It offers a complete spacial and temporal overview of the carbon exchange between the atmosphere and the soil, allowing the analysis and tracking of local, regional and national behaviours.

A tool capable of supporting large scale decisions on land management and cultivation practices.

User Control Panel

Putting users in control.

The User Control Panel gives a synthetic display of all the information needed to evaluate field performance and interact with our services and experts.

From the quantity of stored carbon, to the effect of the chosen practice, to the visualization of soil analyses the user will have the means for a complete monitoring of its field status and trends.
The ticket system will allow a dedicated interaction with UptoEarth for the planning of the activities and for the solution of problems.


Background services

Weather Monitoring

A continuous weather monitoring and forecast system allows the correct estimation of stored carbon.

The Weather Monitoring system has two main tasks:

– Evaluate current and future weather conditions to provide carbon estimation and prediction;

– Advice and alert farmers for favourable or adverse weather conditions.

Cultivation Operations

Keeping track of the cultivation operations carried out makes it possible to better understand the quantity of stored and evaporated carbon.

The Cultivation Operations feature allows every user to record where, how and when the cultivation operations were performed, thus simplifying the company organization and the carbon wallet.


Soil Analysis

The Soil Analysis function allows to geolocalize the results of the analysis of the textural parameters of the soil, in addition to the main chemical parameters, such as organic substance and soil type.

The user also has visualizations of synthesis available to support decisions relating to the processing of soils and other cultivation interventions. (Good practice)


City Tool



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